Samsung HMX-F90 Review

Samsung is best known for their smartphones, but they also offer a whole lot of other gadgets and devices as well, such as camcorders. The Samsung HMX-F90 is one of Samsung’s releases. Just like its smartphones, they offer great features and a sleek design that will wow just about any loyal consumer. This is a review of the HMX-F90, with all the pros and cons the model has in order for you to know what to expect.

Body and Design

Its design isn’t the most eye catching, but it does look sleek, coming in white made of an aluminum body. It doesn’t have an eyepiece, meaning you will have to use the 2.7-inch screen for viewing and capturing your videos. It’s

Video Quality

It’s a 5 megapixel camera that meets all the expectations and does the job in recording high quality videos. The captured moments are vivid and in good detail, and with its 52x zoom, you are able to zoom in without worrying about the distortion of the video quality. At 30p, it does a great job and is better than many of its competitors. Plus, it works great in any setting, even in lowlight backgrounds. Its got a lot of added features such as time lapse and pause recording, which is great for those handling events or capturing moments with loved ones. You can even take photos as well! While they aren’t the most high quality but subpar, it’s a great added feature to the camcorder. A downside? No flash or torch, which sucks when filming during the night!


Its screen isn’t touchscreen, but its got the buttons on the camcorder itself that is easy to pick up when used a few times. It takes trial and error as it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but you can find tips online. Its performance is a bit slow if you use its 1080p video setting, but it is still bearable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any built in memory and you will need a memory card, as it won’t be able to function without one.

What’s pretty cool is that you are able to customize your videos in the HMX-F90 as well, through adding features and preinstalled music coming from the camcorder or your PC. With One-Touch Sharing, you are able to immediately download all your camcorder’s videos to your PC after connecting it and at a press of a button. Its battery life is adequate, lasting for about 2 hours or less. But you will be able to charge with ease using the USB connector and either using your laptop or wall adaptor to charge.


Priced at around $200 depending on the package, you are definitely saving a lot and getting the bang for your buck. This isn’t the best for professional video shoots, but for the average user who wants to take high quality videos for their video blogs or to capture moments and events. It’s great for its price, and with the features and quality, it is worth it.

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